VNC Minutes – June 2015

VNC Minutes June 13, 2015

The VNC met in the CNM lunchroom.

Attendees: Gail Geddis, Becky Wieder, Dave Boyer, Randal Rand, Beth Gramoy, Dan Wieder, Mo Kwan, Donna Beshgetoor, Setara Nouri, and Donna Robillard.

Gail called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.

The minutes from the March 14, 2015 meeting were approved.

Old Business
  • The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held on May 16. It was well attended and a great time was had by all.
  • Five-year Plan: No update at this time.
New Business
  •  None
Committee Reports

Whipstaff: (Gail, Mike): Randal reported that the group discussed how to organize membership and cooperate on events and membership items. CNMF wants to meet with park representatives concerning membership clarification. National Parks Conservation Association (a group that advocates for parks, founded by Stephen Mather) held an event at CNM to thank their major donors (the event included dinner and a tour of the park).

Volgistics: (Gail): Gail reported we are nearing our limit for volunteer entries and will need to cull our records very soon. Gail estimated that the park can probably cull about 100 entries. Donna Robillard and Becky Wieder volunteered to help Gail. Email with any problems regarding Volgistics. Remember to log all your hours.

Tidepool Committee: (Bonnie; Dan, Becky, Pauline): Dan reported that: a new tidepool welcome sign is being ordered; stickers for the tidepool zone activity are being ordered; Dan, Becky and Pauline Geisler are preparing and prioritizing a picture inventory of possible biomodels to submit to Bonnie Phillips for review; the trailer has been anchored and new windows installed (Mona is making new curtains), and a donor recognition board for the front is being created. Becky reported that Emily Floyd laminated 25 informational cards with photos of many tidepool critters. The cards are in each backpack and in the trailer/education table. The cards can be lent to visitors during their time in the tidepools. We will see if the lending program works and then proceed from there. Dan (Becky) will send the PDF of the info card to Gail for distribution to the VNC list.

Website: (Dan): Dan reported that the web site is being changed for the centennial. He is having interns look over the nature section and he and Eileen Martinez are reviewing the history and culture section.

Training: There will be a volunteer recruitment event on August 22 at 6pm. A training/orientation day is tentatively scheduled for September 12, 2015. Details to come.

E-Binder Reference Manual: (Dan W., Dan Z., Beth, Becky): The e-binder team would like to work with the VNC to develop a training manual for new volunteers. Dan Zeller and Emily are working on SOP for the Visitor Center, and the information in that manual can be used along with the e-binder to develop a training manual that can help orient new volunteers to the entire park. Setara volunteered to help develop the manual. All VIPs are asked to recommend content for the manual (email Becky Wieder:

Volunteer Opportunities: We are still waiting on some information from Debbie, Emily and Keith in order to reconcile the Volunteer Matrix and the written descriptions of volunteer opportunities. Gail and Dan will remind Tavio, Debbie, Emily and Keith about updates.

Military History: (Steve) No report. Gail will ask Joe Janesic and Ken Glaze about providing written synopses of military history activities.

Special Events: (Debbie) Randal reported that CNMF will hold a Moon event on June 30. CNMC will hold its third annual July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza. Most events are listed in the Cabrillo Journal Spring/Summer edition and in the VIP Voice. Randal mentioned an event in October with 120 historic military vehicles traveling cross-country from Washington, D.C. to San Diego (the group is the Military Vehicle Preservation Association) to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the convoy–it will retrace the original 1920 Transcontinental Motor Convoy route.

Centennial: Randal reported that the Find Your Park and Every Kid in a Park (for 4th graders) programs are up and running and will last throughout the centennial year. Also, centennial merchandise is available online and in the CNM book store.

Community Outreach: (Bernie) No Report

Internships: (Tavio, Keith): Randal reported that CNMC pays 8 interns. No one at the meeting knew how many interns there are, who they are, and how long they will be at CNM. Beth has contacted Keith for that information.

4Rs: (Tavio) No report.

VIP Voice/Blog: (Dan Z): All VIPs need to go to the site ( and enter their email on the right side menu to stay up-to-date on new posts.

CNMC: (Randal) Randal reported that the Conservancy ( will need a few more volunteers for the July 4th event. Gail will add the event to Volgistics and instruct people interested in volunteering at the event to contact the Conservancy at

CNMF: (Mike) No report

Review Action Items

  • Gail, Becky and Donna Robillard will work to cull records in Volgistics (Update to this item: Intern Lonie Brown is taking care of this for us).
  • Dan (Becky) will send the PDF of the info card to Gail for distribution to VNC members.
  • Becky and Setara will work to develop an outline for a volunteer training manual. All volunteers and employees are asked to recommend content.
  • Gail will ask the Military History folks to supply information for meetings (as well as others who cannot attend VNC meetings regularly).
  • Gail and Dan will remind Tavio, Emily, Debbie and Keith to provide updates to VIP job descriptions.
  • Gail will add the July 4th event to Volgistics and ask those interested in volunteering to contact the Conservancy.

Review Open Action Items

  • All VIPs need to log FY 2015 hours into Volgistics.
  • All volunteers should sign up for VIP Voice.

Next Meeting: July 11, 2015

Adjournment: 11:15am

Respectfully Submitted,

Becky Wieder

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