Welcome to the VIP Voice!

Welcome to the VIP Voice!

This is your tool to keep abreast of all the happenings at Cabrillo National Monument.  But it’s not intended to be a one-way conversation.   We want to hear from you, too.

If you have an article or story that you want to submit, please use the “Contact Us” page to send us your input.   If you’d like to share a simple anecdote or funny experience as a CNM volunteer, then post a comment on the “VIP Tales” page.  If you want to add a photo to the gallery, use the email address on the “Contact Us” page.

We’d also encourage you to ask any questions that you may have about volunteering at CNM.  Over time, we may develop a Frequently Asked Questions page based on what we’re asked.

Of course, this blog, like anything new, isn’t perfect coming right out of the gate.  If you have any suggestions for content or improvements for this blog, please let us know that, too.

We’ll strive to do weekly postings on Saturdays, but the best way to make sure that you don’t miss an update is to subscribe to the blog by clicking on the “Follow Blog Via Email” button.  Every time something new is posted on the blog, you’ll receive an email announcing the new post.

Finally, if you just stumbled across this site and you’re not already a Cabrillo National Monument volunteer and would like to learn more about becoming one, you can check out our volunteer resource page.



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