Bound for Glory, Goodnight


Happy New Year! A good Cabrillo Fest it was; busy as usually and we appreciate the VIP help for the events. TPERP training is over and we had a great turnout. ‘Tis the season and we have a new cadre of volunteers ready to learn about ye ol’ Cabrillo wet butt. Welcome, have fun, and stay safe out there. Also, we have several interns from UCSD’s Environmental Systems program that you might see around. Please welcome them and assist in their learnings about our great park.

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VIP Voice & E-binder Linked in Volgistics

The next time you log into Volgistics to schedule a volunteer shift or report your hours, you’ll see a new link to the VIP Voice blog.  Just click on the box to make it even easier for you to stay in touch with all that’s happening with Cabrillo volunteers. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe to get e-mail notifications of new posts. Also, … Continue reading VIP Voice & E-binder Linked in Volgistics

Hard Cider and Applejack

Friends of Cabrillo, Hope all is well in your worlds.  Plants are starting to come up and and hopefully we will have some flowers in the next couple of months. Some updates below…..for your eyes. Special Events Meeting, 1:30pm March 19th If you are interested in attending come on out.  Some things to talk about; Parks and Open Spaces Day and Healthy and Sustainable Parks … Continue reading Hard Cider and Applejack

The Old Man and the Polydactyl Cat

Hello Friends, I hope you all had a fantastic Pacific storm experience.  Wasn’t as epic as storms I remember from my youth but we still have a couple months to go yet.  Thanks to the volunteers who came out for tidepool shifts/monitoring; I saw you interact with visitors and dance in the rain.  Now, the Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.  Another tome for … Continue reading The Old Man and the Polydactyl Cat