Featured VIP: Roger C.

Roger began volunteering at Cabrillo National Monument in 2004 after retiring from his career as an east coast college professor.  He found retired life lacked structure and even a bit boring, and he knew that volunteering would bring back some structure and occupy his time.

Roger C. Living History - Life as a 16th Century Sailor
Roger C. Living History – Life as a 16th Century Sailor

Roger visited the tidepools one day and saw the sign seeking volunteers, so he signed up and started his volunteer experience in the tidepools.  Eventually, he became concerned about maneuvering over the slick rocks, and decided to shift his attention to the Visitor Center and Living History.

One of the things that Roger enjoys the most about volunteering at Cabrillo is meeting and interacting with people from all over the world.  Roger, himself, is no stranger to travel.  He’s been to all continents except Antarctica, and to 50% of the major countries in the world.

The most interesting thing that Roger has seen while volunteering at Cabrillo was in the tidepools.  He was stopped in his tracks when he saw an egret being taken down by an octopus, and that was the first documented sighting of that happening at Cabrillo.  Since then, there have been two other documented cases of an octopus taking down an egret.

Roger says that Cabrillo National Monument is a “beautiful place to work with a great atmosphere, and where the people and employees are fun.”

If you see Roger at the park, congratulate him on his 10 years of volunteer service.


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