Hard Cider and Applejack

Friends of Cabrillo,

Hope all is well in your worlds.  Plants are starting to come up and and hopefully we will have some flowers in the next couple of months. Some updates below…..for your eyes.

Special Events Meeting, 1:30pm March 19th

If you are interested in attending come on out.  Some things to talk about; Parks and Open Spaces Day and Healthy and Sustainable Parks Day

Dusty Socks Club Hike, March 22nd 11:00am

This one is going to be out at Torrey Pines State Reserve. Please spread the work to your spheres of influence.  Come on out and learn about San Diego’s native plants as you breath in the beautiful views of Torrey Pines.  The group meets up top at the visitor center.  TP is a state park and you need to pay to get in.  However, you can walk in or ride your bike in for free.  For more information about Torrey Pines Sate Reserve, here is their website.  The hike will last about an hour and is rated easy.  If you want to make it more challenging (and beautiful) you can continue down to the beach after the guided hike or walk up from the beach to meet the group.


Parks and Open Spaces Saturday June 7th

It is back again and we are gearing up for another festive event.  Along with our standard booth set up and presentations we are having a group of pre 1916 cars coming out to park around the lighthouse.  If you would like to help out for the event you can sign up on volgistics.  If you would like to do a presentation, lead a hike or juggle on that day for the public please send me an email with “I joculari” in the subject line.

Lecture Series

Flora Fantastica

This might be scheduled for  May 14th at 6:30.  I will let you know as soon as I get details

Herps and You, Friday June 13th 6:30

SDSU Evolutionary Biologist Stephen Rice is loaded with slithering stories of snakes and salamanders.  He has a lot of field experience throughout San Diego County and is ready to share his world with us. Learn about the reptilian world at Cabrillo and hear about Stephen’s genetics study on rattlesnakes.  There is a full moon so we can enjoy that.  We also plan to take a walk to one of our arrays to see what might be waiting for us. Please RSVP with “descent of species” in the subject line

Cabrillo Geo, August 7th, 6:30pm

More details to follow but at least you can clear your schedule to attend.

Your VIP Voice

Check out our VIP blog on wordpress:  https://vipvoice.wordpress.com/

I encourage you to subscribe so you can get updated on the Cabrillo VIP program and help populate it with your stories.

We also have a twitter account you can subscribe to. You can get up to date posts on weather, cloud formations, ship traffic and things going on at the Park:  @CNM_VIPVoice

Featured Volunteer Section:  We would love to highlight a volunteer monthly on the blog.  If you are interested, let me know and we can go from there.  Information we would want to include, your background, what you do at the Park, why you volunteer at the monument, what you think is special about Cabrillo and a picture of you!  Interested?  You can be as creative as you would like.  Send me an email with “Mary Kathrine Gallagher” in subject line.

Volunteer Tales:  You can also log on this link from the home page and share your VIP stories with us.  I ask your professionalism when telling your stories.

If you would like to be a contributing writer/editor/manager to this forum there are several ways you can do this.  If you’re interested send me an email with “Battle with Yoshimi” in the subject line, or hit “contact us” on the blog.

Healthy and Sustainable Parks Day, August 9th  

More info to come.  We are working on the details of this event.  Keep your calendars open for this new and fun event.  More information to be sent out shortly.

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