TPERP – Radio Update

Hello TPERP VIP’s,

We now have 3 additional VIP radios.  Tavio and I added one to the main case in the interp library/office area with all the others.  Two additional ICOM radios will be on single charger units in the NRMAS Field office (the office next to mine) for now.  They should still be signed out at the  main sign out location in the library.

Thanks Ranger Marty for working this out for us, as I understand the radio shortage issue came up again a few days ago and it’s something we’ve been juggling for awhile.

We now have 7 working VIP radios and 1 additional VIP radio that we will have repaired for a total of 8.

It is still our preference that we have 1 radio at the education table and 3 radios in the tidepools during the low tides.  So, if TPERPs discover there are not enough radios at the main station, they should check the NRMAS field office for the others.

Keep me posted how this works out for everyone.

Next week is really our last bit of low tides for the season!


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