TPERP Important Updates / Welcome May

Hello TPERP VIP’s,

I hope you are staying cool during this unusual heat wave.  Temperatures here at the park are quite nice today with that coastal breeze that is returning.

Here are some updates for the coming weeks:

1) I will be away next week at a training – May 5 to 9, returning to the park on May 13 or 14.

2) New (temporary) kiosk panels have been installed down by the table.  Thanks Dan W. for your help.  Our motto – if at first you don’t succeed, try something else until it works!!  Permanent panels are scheduled for installation at the end of summer.

3) Get ready for construction!  TPERP VIP and Conservancy Board Member, Mona Feliz, will be working on a project in the trailer on May 8 & 9.  The initial phase calls for removing a lot of the internal counter/walls, so that we can better utilize the space.  You are still welcome to do the tidepool table on these days, but do not enter the trailer.  Mona will be there to hand out anything you might need.

4) Also, there is a small poster on small metal stakes in front of the TPERP table.  They are there to promote an event in May and also the 4th of July fireworks.  You will find them under the green table cover.  Just leave them staked in at the front and put the cover back over the table and posters when your shift is complete.

5) We are out of low tides now for most of the summer.  There are a few roving shifts for semi-low tides on the schedule for May, as well as TPERP Education table shifts.  If you don’t see a shift and you want to come and volunteer – please do!  Just let me know  when and I’ll add you onto the schedule.

6) The tidepool committee had another great meeting last week.  We are developing “no take” messages and coming up with ideas/materials to use to interpret them.  We’ll also be working on infrastructure to display more posters that can withstand the wind.

7) Finally, the inventory subcommittee has done quite a bit of work creating a list of all of the items in the trailer.  We are pretty well stocked.  I appreciate all of you working to find interesting items in the tidepools to display.  We now have a sufficient amount of rocks/shells etc, so please do not add anything else.  If it looks like we are in need of something again, I’ll let you know.  My collection permit is for 50 items and I do need to maintain a list of what is collected, so this will help me keep an accurate reporting record.

Okay… sorry for the very long email, but there was so much to say!

See you soon in the tidepools (well – above them for a few months anyway).



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