Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

VIP Beth found this in her archives as she was doing some COVID19 house cleaning. You may have been losing sleep wondering what the correct wording is for tidepools. Or is it tide-pools? Well we can say we have the final answer after marine biologist, Bonnie Becker did the equivalent of phoning a friend. She consulted the hosts of “A Way With Words”. So we … Continue reading Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

Open My Ashmolean

My Friends and Cool Cats in the back, Days are getting longer, the migratory birds are migrating (away), flux capacitor–still doing its thing–and we have some festive events set for this summer.  Hike to swimming holes or surf spots, skip in the mountains and sing.  Enjoy!  My latest gab for you:  Newbies: Volunteer Recruitment We had a good turnout for our recruitment.  Our new recruits … Continue reading Open My Ashmolean

Tidepool Education Table

The tidepool education table is a brand new visitor contact station located near the entrance to the tidepool trail.  Rangers and park volunteers spent countless hours planning, preparing and building a physical space for education and interpretation of this precious natural resource, which continues to face many challenges. One of the greatest threats to this rare habitat comes from humans.  The lower, west, coastal side … Continue reading Tidepool Education Table