Featured VIP: Ricky P.

Ricky began his Volunteerism at Cabrillo National Monument on June 1, 2014. Ricky is a long time Ocean Beach resident and you can often find him riding his penny-farthing bicycle.  In fact, he even participated in a few of our parades on the bicycle before he actually joined our team!Rick Persky

Ricky’s favorite part about volunteering is the people he gets to talk to.  He said, “ I like to talk to all the Rangers; Cabrillo is the most welcoming-est place on Earth.”  His interests here at Cabrillo involve anything that has to do with the San Salvador Galleon and Cabrillo, although we currently have him working on an 1880 circa Fresnel lens from our Lighthouse era.

Under Historian Bob Munson’s guidance, Ricky is handling the behind-the-scenes tedious task of polishing each individual lighthouse chariot wheel. Each piece takes 4 hours to properly apply preservation techniques. The next time you are in the Assistant Keepers Quarters (AKQ), look down into the mechanics of the rotating 3rd order Fresnel lens where you will see all the brass chariot wheels that must be polished.

Consider it done–44 hours later–Ricky polished the brass just like the Lighthouse Keepers had done long ago.

We send a huge thank you, and welcome Ricky to Cabrillo National Monument!

Ricky Persky 2



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