Lighthouse Clean-up


I hope you are all well, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I have the go ahead from Bob to help put parts of the lighthouse back together and spruce it up for Open Tower Day on August 25th. It will probably be a light cleaning and I am hoping to put back the shell frames and banjo clock, I will definitely need assistance with that if maintenance is not available.

I am setting a date for next Monday 8/18, we’ll start in the morning and see what we can get done, let me know what time you can make it.  If you can’t make it on Monday, let me know when you can help.

I’ve got lots of other cool things with regards to the lighthouse and basement that will need some help soon. We received funding to create a sewing room in the basement of the lighthouse, so I have been working like crazy to purchase all the supplies.  When all that arrives, I will need help setting things up.  Soon we will have the capability to make our own Living History clothes.  If you can sew or are interested in anyway at all in learning, the sewing room will be open to volunteers who want to use it.  Lot’s of exciting things in the works!



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