That Book by Nabokov

Dear Friends of Good Standing,

A lot of activities occurring within the next couple of months; stay alert of our buzzing’s through the VIP Voice and with the Volunteer Navigation Committee (VNC) meetings. See how you can help out, enjoy the park after-hours, and always enjoy the views and cool breeze.

Fresh AIR

Cabrillo is graced with four new Artists-In-Residence (AIR) for our 2016 centennial year. They help us capture new perspectives of the park and we look forward to their residencies. You can find AIR bios at the park webpage:

Several of the artists are interested in working with marine debris so we have a couple trash clean-ups to assist in their efforts. You can find the dates for the clean-ups listed below. If you would like to assist in the effort to turn our trash in to something beautiful and engaging please RSVP to with “Stay Trashy San Diego” in the subject line along with the date you can attend.

August 29th, 2:30pm

Sept. 2nd, 6:00pm

September 30th, 5:00pm

October 13th, 3:30pm

October 24th, 12:30pm

RSVP Deadline:

You are the Light of Our Eyes, August 20th, 6:30pm

Please RSVP by Wednesday at 12:00pm. Send email with “Enos Wall” in the subject line. Confirmation email to follow with details.

Open Tower, August 25th

It is upon us.  The gate removed, the door unlocked with brass skeleton key and there you stand, the best view Cabrillo can offer to the public.  Thanks to those who help us on this day.  It is a great way to interact with visitors regarding our cultural stories along with our natural ones and all the going ons at the park.  If you would like to help please sign up on Volgistics under special events.  If you would like to help and need special events assigned to you please email and we will get you set up.

Tidepool Training Sept 12th 9:30am-4:30pm

The tilt to our world approaches and good low tides yet again coincide with our park hours. Itching to walk like an egret amongst the pools? Our Bonnie triumvirate has crafted a day of training for new volunteers to the program or as a refresher for returning TPERP’ers. We start in the auditorium and end the day down in the tidepools. Please RSVP to with “Plenty O’ Lottia“ in the subject line.

We want to hear from you! 

To assist us in better serving you and improving our program please take five minutes of your day to fill out this form. Please complete by end of next week. We want to hear from you:

With a crooked grin,


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