Input Sought for Superintendent Selection

Martha Lee, Acting Regional Director, Pacific West Region, is soliciting input from park staff and VIPs on finding a replacement for Tom Workman as superintendent of CNM. You can read her request to us below. Please provide your input by 15 December 2015.

Dear Cabrillo National Monument folks,

As you know, Superintendent Tom Workman will be retiring in about a month, at the very start of January. All of us on the Regional Directorate are committed to finding a great new superintendent for Cabrillo. You may have seen that the vacancy announcement has been issued, and we are already getting calls that show a considerable level of interest in the job and your park.

As we work through the hiring process, your opinions and insight are important to us so we can find the right person for the job. I would love to hear from you what you think are:

  1. Important qualities, characteristics, and experience for your superintendent to have.
  2. What you see as going really well at CABR right now.
  3. Areas that you feel need attention or where there might be upcoming challenges.
  4. Questions you might want an interview panel to ask the candidates.

Your responses don’t have to be long and we will hold them in confidence. If you choose to participate, please send responses to Steve Mietz, Acting Deputy Regional Director ( by close of business, Wednesday, Dec. 15th. Please put “CABR Supt” in the subject line of your email.

Know that your submissions will all be read and questions you submit are likely to be used by the selection panel.

It is likely that there will be an Acting Superintendent for several months as we fill the position (you may have seen that announcement, too). We will keep you posted on status as we proceed.

Thank you for your help! And hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

All best,


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