Grafitti Cleaned Up in the Tidepools



A huge thank you to those volunteers who braved the early hour and humidity on July 29th to come out and help us remove graffiti from the tidepool area.



The graffiti carvings in the rocks are illegal and ugly, and they damage the resource. They may also inspire copycat behavior, leading other visitors to make their own carvings in the rocks.


Because of the large amount of noticeable graffiti, a plea went out to CNM volunteers to help eradicate the carvings.







The graffiti removal was done early in the morning before the park opened. The volunteers used wire brushes and lots of sweat labor to erase the graffiti.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the volunteers did a fantastic job and removed the majority of the graffiti.

We appreciate everything you do for the park.  You guys are awesome!

Bonnie and Pauline


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