Tidepool Tips – Safety

Since it is the start of the tidepool season, we thought it was a good time to pass along a few safety tips.

Guests learning about the tidepools at the new Tidepool Education Table

If you are working at the Education Table, especially with another person, make sure you keep your fingers clear of the doors as they are closed. It’s easy to smash a finger in the doors if you are busy concentrating on something else. So be careful.

Approach to Tidepools

If you are working down in the tidepools, be careful at the entrance to the tidepools. Take the time to inform visitors that things are very slippery, especially on the “Slip and Slide” at the entrance to the tidepools. The algae is quite thick with the recent high surf and we had already had several medical emergencies.

One other area to keep an eye on is the overhang just before the stairs going over the hump. Below are two photos, the first is from 2015 and the second is from last week. It might be wise to inform any visitors who are standing on the overhang the potential danger.


2015 – showing runoff from storms


2018 – showing how the surf has cut into the cliffs

Tidepool Safety
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