VIPS Provide Assistance to Partner Staff

The VIPS (and a few other generous people) wanted to help out staff at Cabrillo as a result of the recent government shutdown. While the NPS staff would eventually receive back pay, the Bookstore staff and the Partner staff would not. So a few VIPs decided to try and plan a potluck lunch for all the staffs and try to raise some funds to provide monetary assistance for everyone.

Happily, the shutdown ended just as we were ready to send out the emails to everyone about the lunch. So we were able to plan the lunch in Upper Maintenance at the Park (We had been planning it at a different venue). And boy are we glad we did that. If you weren’t able to make it to the lunch, you missed out on lots of fun and some extremely strong winds (we were glad it was indoors). The lunch was a huge success and everyone was glad to be back at the park.

With everyone’s generosity, we were able to raise over $4000! Not only were we able to provide some financial assistance to the Bookstore staff and the Partner staff, we were also able to give a Target gift card to every Cabrillo staff as well.

Everyone was happily surprised, as you can see from a sampling of the photos below. All the staffs say thank you. It really made a difference in their lives.

Our volunteers really are VIPs in every sense of the word.

Thank you!


One thought on “VIPS Provide Assistance to Partner Staff

  1. What wonderful financial gestures and I love seeing the pictures of surprise. And, it was a great celebration ‘picnic’ and the wind was my favorite part. It was crazy fun out there that day.

    Thank you everyone for thinking us important enough for a special occasion get-together.

    Love, Karen Scanlon

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