A lighthouse and pine tree in shadow at sunset. The words Did You Know are in blue at the base of the image

Did You Know – What Color Is the Lighthouse?

In honor of Open Tower Day next month, we wanted to start you off with some Old Point Loma Lighthouse information. Do you know what color the lighthouse is? Are you sure?

Cabrillo Historian, Ranger Bob, says: The immediate answer to the title question seems quite obvious: white. But the complete answer is: yes and no.

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One thought on “Did You Know – What Color Is the Lighthouse?

  1. Hello. The lighthouse tower was built of brick and the dwelling of sandstone, with a roof of tin painted red when new in 1855. (Please refer to Karen and Kim’s book, *Lighthouses of San Diego, *p. 13 for a handsome little b/w photo.)

    Fun quiz.

    Love, Karen

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