Happy Birthday TPERP!

The TPERP Program just celebrated its 23rd year at Cabrillo National Monument on November 9th. Do you know why the TPERP Program was implemented? The program was started for several reasons but basically the public was loving the tidepools to death.

This is what Cabrillo Road to the tidepools looked like in the early 1970’s.

Those cars are not waiting to get a parking spot, they are already parked along the side of the road!

Over 200,000 visitors visit the tidepools each year, based on the 2011 report. Prior to this report the average was approximately 100,000 visitors. Although the recent data is waiting to be analyzed, we can only assume that the visitation rate has increased since 2011.

Tidepool Visitors

That’s why this group and now additional volunteers continue the TPERP Program so that the tidepools can be loved by all, but also be under control.

As stewards of the cultural and natural resources at Cabrillo NM, it is our responsibility to protect, preserve, and restore the tidepools as part of the heritage each of us enjoys as Americans. The Tidepool Protection, Education, and Restoration Program is at the heart of the mission of the National Park Service: to conserve the resources and values within our care unimpaired for the enjoyment of this and future generations. It is also the right thing to do. We cannot do anything less. Terry Dimattio, Former Cabrillo Superintendent – 1996

To learn more about why the TPERP program was implemented, you can read it here in the Ebinder.

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