Audio Description & Tactile Guide

You may have seen these round disks on the new waysides around the park. but you may not know why they are there. These disks accompany the Audio Description and Tactile Guide for the visually impaired. The guide and the disks include a Braille translation to assist the visitor.

The guide divides the park into five areas, each of which contain waysides. Each wayside has a disk with a number and is associated in the guide.

In addition to the disks and the guide, smart pens are included which can speak the audio descriptions to the visitor. The visitor can use the guide or the disk on the wayside to listen to the audio description.

These guides and smart pens are available in the Visitor Center. When you have some free time, consider borrowing one and take it around the park so that you are familiar with how they work. They are pretty cool!

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