Tidepool Tips – Bluff Collapses

Once again Mother Nature reassures us that she has the final word on what will happen to the bluffs in the tidepools. Last week we had a major collapse in Zone 2.

The recent storms and King tides played havoc with the entrance to the tidepools as well. Previously we have tried to put up temporary barricades to keep visitors off the bluffs.

However the King tides and storms brought waves over the bluff and we were left with the following:

One of the A-frame signs fell into the ocean and drifted away. Another one broke in half. While waiting for a more permanent solution, we have provided the following situation.

We don’t expect this to survive more storms or King tides. With enough notice, we may lay the sign down prior to storms or large tides. We are hoping for a better solution soon.

The collapse in Zone 2 was a result of the King tides last week.

If you are working around the tidepools, please keep an eye on the visitors to keep them away from the bluffs and the collapsed area in Zone 2.

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