A Walk In The Park – April 25, 2020

Ok, you know the drill. Here is your “Walk In The Park”, thanks to Pauline. There are lots of lizards and winged wildlife due to the toasty day. Have some fun and supply comments with the identification of some of the wildlife and plant life in these photos. Think of it like an virtual “open book” test.

Don’t forget the extra credit question at the end.

And don’t forget to send in your story and pictures from your Corona Island. Are you going crazy yet?

Extra Credit

Can you identify this mystery person?

3 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park – April 25, 2020

  1. Pauline, this Walk in the Park is very beautifully captured. And wow, much erosion and landslides have happened. Big events. Thank you for helping us see what is happening in “our” Park’s nature 🙂

  2. Pauline
    Thanks for taking the pictures – but of course you are making us jealous! Cannot wait to get back there and see the changes.

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