Weed Warrior Cookbook

Before you get the wrong idea, the Weed Warriors did not take the weeds they pull and turn them into a dish to eat.

The Weed Warriors submitted recipes with the idea being that we had to use ingredients that we had in our own homes, since we couldn’t go to the store. Each submission has the name of the Weed Warrior, their nickname, a picture of a Weed Warrior specific plant species, and the individual’s thoughts on the “Stay-at-home” situation. This cookbook is useful at home, entertaining, and a learning tool for park invasive plants. 

Enjoy the cooking. Submit photos of your dishes.

If you want to download the cookbook as a pdf, use this link

Weed Warriors’ Pandemic Cookbook

One thought on “Weed Warrior Cookbook

  1. Thank you all for the great pictures and the wonderful recipe. Miss everybody.

    Kristina usually at Visitor center on Saturdays

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