Monumental Memories

Following up on Ranger Julieanne’s oral history summary of the lighthouse in May’s VIP newsletter, we thought it was a good time to mention the Monumental Memories Scrapbook the park created. If you missed the May VIP newsletter in your email, you can find it under the Media menu, or use the link here.

In 2013, Cabrillo “celebrated” it’s 100th birthday. A lot of planning went into the event which was to occur on October 14, 2013. Unfortunately, a government shutdown, due to a budget argument, kept the park closed so the celebration was a virtual one.

As part of this centennial, a scrapbook was created from photos in the Cabrillo archives as well as from VIPs submissions. This scrapbook was available in the Visitor Center, and it still may be, but we are providing you a link to the scrapbook here.

Monumental Memories Scrapbook

If you haven’t viewed the scrapbook previously, or you just want another walk down memory lane, here is your chance.

Enjoy the walk. Hopefully we will all be back at the park soon creating more memories.

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