Spring is in the Air

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are a few photos from Weed Warrior VIP Liz showing the agave in front of the Visitor Center sign. The others show the Bush mallow in full bloom. As we have been seeing, the plant life is doing quite well at Cabrillo.

Safety tip: As we start to slowly come back to the park, remember what Lonie told us on the VIP call the other day. Since the wildlife has been doing very well without all the humans around, then snake population is quite prevalent now. Be careful and observant as you move around the park.

Here’s a teaser as to what is coming up. This photo was taken by Pauline down in the tidepool area. She had a close encounter of the fox kind.

3 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. From what distance was the fox picture taken? The furry critter looks to be in good shape. Maybe providing some squirrel control?

    1. The fox was about halfway up the hill when this picture was taken … so I was a pretty good distance away from it.

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