Random Observations and Thoughts

Perhaps we have been quarantined too long, or bored, or hungry, or just going crazy.

While viewing some of the recent statistics on the VIP Voice, we saw the following under the top search parameters. Needless to say we were a little concerned when we saw these search items. We started to wonder what the VIPs were thinking about.

But don’t worry. After more investigation it turns out those search terms are what people are searching for in other places, such as Google, etc. It just so happens that the VIP Voice comes up in the search list when searching for turban snail recipes. Who knew? Our VIPs know that everything is protected at Cabrillo so the turban snails can relax.

Perhaps this will become part of the new VIP uniform to encourage social distancing?

After listening to the fungi talk by Chief Linh Anh Cat, it nice to know that besides worrying about the Coronavirus, we can now also worry about such things as Valley fever, possible toxins from the red tide, and zombies. You can watch Lyn Anh’s presentation here.

And finally we will leave you with this. Perhaps this Owl Limpet shell is a Halloween mask for one of the critters in the tidepools.

With that, we hope everyone is healthy and safe. Remember to keep your social distance, wear a mask out in public and hopefully we can all get back to Cabrillo sooner rather than later. Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Random Observations and Thoughts

  1. Some of my friends would love getting these posts and the “ walk in the park” series. One said he is a foundation member and thought that other foundation members would also like to receive them, any chance of that happening? I’m VIP Sylvia Bate-Swall. I will continue to forward them to friends who are interested,

    1. Hi Sylvia. All the people need to do is to go to the website CNMVIPVoice.org and subscribe. They will see this option on the bottom right side of the main page. This will send them an email whenever there is a new post.

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