VIPs Hanging Out Around Cabrillo

VIP Romi captured a few photos while out at Cabrillo the other day. The first was during the soft opening. Nobody was around but she felt nature was watching and protecting her.  We decided this is the unofficial protector of the Park’s face that’s watching over our beautiful coast line. Romi said it was a wonderful walk along the coastal trail, but with mixed feeling:  … Continue reading VIPs Hanging Out Around Cabrillo

Random Observations and Thoughts

Perhaps we have been quarantined too long, or bored, or hungry, or just going crazy. While viewing some of the recent statistics on the VIP Voice, we saw the following under the top search parameters. Needless to say we were a little concerned when we saw these search items. We started to wonder what the VIPs were thinking about. But don’t worry. After more investigation … Continue reading Random Observations and Thoughts