Tidepool Cleanup

On Sunday June 7, approximately 20 TPERP volunteers braved the perfect San Diego weather and took advantage of an early morning low tide to remove some of the trash that had accumulated in the tidepools. The high tides bring these various items into the tidepools. Some of these items are too big or too far away for TPERPs to reach during the normal tidepool season. So we do our best during this cleanup to remove what we can.

In a little over two hours, we were able to extract 166 pounds of trash!

This cleanup is an annual event in the late spring/early summer time frame. We like to perform this cleanup early in the morning before the public arrive at the park. This year we had to practice social distancing and wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves.

Even Crabrillo was practicing Social Distancing and wearing a mask.

And of course, we took advantage of the low tide to search for critters as well. We can’t help it. It’s in our DNA.

We also want to thank the Weed Warriors who came out and helped remove some of the weeds around the Education Table and the trailer.

Thank you to everyone that got up early to help keep the tidepools pristine!

Here are a few photos from the cleanup.

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