Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

VIP Beth found this in her archives as she was doing some COVID19 house cleaning. You may have been losing sleep wondering what the correct wording is for tidepools. Or is it tide-pools? Well we can say we have the final answer after marine biologist, Bonnie Becker did the equivalent of phoning a friend. She consulted the hosts of “A Way With Words”.

So we will continue to use tidepools in our posts and in the reference materials. Hopefully you will all sleep better now knowing this.

Also the Way With Words is still on Public Radio and is available as a podcast.

Thank you Beth for discovering this gem from the archives.

2 thoughts on “Tidepool or Tide-pool – Final Answer

  1. I would like to make a general comment, about the whole CNM VIP Voice. It’s one of the most interesting and useful sites I see! Well done articles that are educational and fun. I never hesitate to read them and oftentimes go back to archived posts to review them again. Between this and the ebinder, there isn’t a single thing lacking for staff and VIPs to be the most knowledgeable park people in all of NPS. MANY thanks to Dan Wieder for making this happen.

  2. Thanks Dan for this article. I just shared this one with one of our new seasonals who wasn’t sure if it should be one word or two for a social media post!

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