A group of men and women volunteers stand in front of a flag pole

New TPERPs and Gracie

Recently we had 25 new volunteers go through our virtual Tidepool Training with the anticipation they will become TPERP volunteers. As part of the training they are required to do at least two shadow shifts with veteran TPERP volunteers. This past weekend was our first good low tide of the season and their first opportunity to do their shadow shifts.

Due to COVID, we have to limit the number of shadows per veteran to two, so scheduling is important when it comes to low tide shifts.

A group of men and women volunteers stand in front of a flag pole
New TPERP volunteers stand with our veteran TPERPs before heading down for their first shadow shift. NPS Photo / P. Geisler

Everything appeared to go smoothly this weekend so that is great news. It went so well that new TPERP volunteer Heather caught this great video of a Moray Eel. Great job Heather! We have some other critter videos taken by our TPERP volunteers over the past few years.

Moray Eel in the Cabrillo Tidepools. NPS Video/H. Douglas

If any of you are interested in going through our new Virtual Training for the TPERP Program, contact cabr_volunteers@nps.gov. As we mentioned, the only problem will be trying to fit you in for the shadow shifts since we are limited by COVID, but we will do the best we can, so your patience is appreciated.

Also this weekend, our friend Gracie was still hanging around the Coastal area and the tidepools. We told you about Gracie the Grackle last week. On Friday, she was very interested in a set of binoculars on the Education Table.

One thought on “New TPERPs and Gracie

  1. Is using your walking stick to lure a critter out of hiding considered “good” wildlife photography?

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