People walking along rocky shore adjacent to sandstone cliffs

Cabrillo’s Tidepools Made the Top Ten List

According to, our rocky intertidal made the top 10 list of beaches in North America for exploring tidepools. We made the list at #9, but one advantage of our location is we have rules enforced for the tidepools to help protect them.

We always knew we had a special place here and it’s nice to see others appreciate it as well. Have you been to any of the others on the list? How do you compare them? Leave us a comment.

One thought on “Cabrillo’s Tidepools Made the Top Ten List

  1. Reblogged this on e-Quips and commented:
    These wonderful tide pools exist because they are partially restricted. Otherwise, they might suffer the same fate as other too-popular tidepools in Southern California. Hard to believe they are within the city of San Diego.

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