California Academy of Sciences Needs Your Help

The California Academy of Sciences needs your help in documenting specific marine species. If you have any photos that could help, please upload them to iNaturalist.

A red crab with one claw much larger than the others
NPS Photo/M. Rose – Globose Kelp Crab

The California Academy of Sciences has put together a list of marine ‘Most-Wanted Species’. We hope that will you are out on the coast, you can document as many species as possible, with an eye toward finding and recording these species. We have chosen these species because through an analysis of exposure to future climate change, using data on sea surface temperature, sea-level rise. We have two lists, one is for native species mostly found in the rocky intertidal and non-native species, mostly found on docks and in marinas, but in some cases, increasingly found on the open coast.

Check out the iNaturalist Most Wanted Species Guide for more information.

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