The VNC Needs Your Help

Your help is needed!  We have had a few people respond saying they want to help but we need more people to help. Please consider sharing your knowledge to help the entire volunteer program.

Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs) are a significant part of park operations. You do what needs to be done, whether in the tidepools, the Visitor Center, the Lighthouse Kitchen Garden, the Entrance Station, as a Weed Warrior, in the Bunker, or in other areas of the park. There are many opportunities for VIPs to contribute.

The Volunteer Navigation Committee (VNC) also needs your help in keeping the VIP program itself running smoothly by making sure staff and VIPs have what they need to be successful. VIPs can help with training, developing processes and procedures, leadership, and working to establish and maintain a connected community of staff and VIPs.

To that end, there are three opportunities for you to help. The VNC is developing working groups to tackle each opportunity. Please consider joining any of the working groups to help with these projects. Send an email to and let us know how you can help:

1. Set up training for each type of VIP role/opportunity

Our task is to Develop training for all the volunteer opportunities (as TPERP has done).   Each volunteer area, such as Military, Lighthouse, etc. needs to come up with a training curriculum, which might be a virtual, multi-hours course, or a procedures manual, or shadowing, or perhaps a short overview video, etc. Each area is to determine its needs and produce the necessary documented training.The Volunteer Supervisor and representative volunteers in each area will decide what is needed and how best to set it up for their areas. The volunteers will then help produce the training material in partnership with the VIP supervisor. The VNC can assist the volunteers with creating this training once the outline is established.

Here are the Volunteer Opportunities that we have identified for training. We have included the Volunteer Supervisor as well as possible ideas for  training:

OpportunitySupervisorType of Training Needed
TPERPPauline GeislerVirtual multi-hour course, shadow shifts
Lighthouse Information StationSandy HernandezVirtual, shadow shifts
Visitor CenterSandy HernandezVirtual, shadow shifts
Rovingtemp. Briana CarmonaVideo overview
Weed WarriorsLonie BrownVideo overview
Kitchen GardenSandy Hernandez?
Park BeautificationAmanda Gossard?
GreenhousePatricia Simpson?
Herpetofauna SurveySamantha Wynns?
Shorebird SurveySamantha Wynns?
Facilities ManagementDeric JohnsonShadow
WWII BunkerSandy Hernandez?
Entrance Line & StationTom Wagner?
Science Explorers ClubSamantha Wynns?
Volunteer of the DaySandy Hernandez?
Living HistorySandy Hernandez?

2. Community Building among VIPs and between VIPs and staff

The task is to bring back the pre-COVID-days camaraderie among VIPs and between VIPs and staff. Since the shutdown, the interaction between VIPs has been limited to their role and shift without any opportunity to meet and get to know volunteers and staff in other areas. We need to have special events and activities for all VIPs and staff, such as potlucks and sunset picnics, and also encourage volunteers and staff to come to VNC meetings so they can rebuild that social connection..

3. Develop a list of Continuing Education (CE) topics

We are compiling a list of previous Continuing Education talks that are available, but we would also like to bring back our regular Continuing Education events and need help coming up with good topics. Staff members are eager to schedule these talks but need our input on things we would like to learn about.

Here are a few suggestions for CE topics. What would you like to learn more about? Contact with your ideas:

  • Kumeyaay on the Point
  • Why is our Coastal Sage Scrub so cool?
  • Fort Rosecrans
  • The Flying Ammonite
  • CNM’s 21 military fortifications, including the only remaining pop-up searchlight
  • The TTT (Topside to Tidepool Trail); or something on all three of our trails
  • CNM’s State Marine Reserve and the Stewardship Strategy to Protect it – is it working?
  • Living in the new lighthouse (talk given by the current CO there, or by Karen). Maybe even something on Lighthouses of California.
  • Let’s talk about the Las Isles Coronados
  • Where did our abalone go?
  • ANYTHING from Ernie Cowan, a local nature observer and writer

Please consider helping the VNC with these projects and as always, thank you for what you do to support the park.

2 thoughts on “The VNC Needs Your Help

  1. Hello

    I would love to help out with shadow shifts and such, but i do not know when i will be back. My mother fell and broke her hip and i am taking care of her house and bills now. So i am back and forth to san diego, but not long enough to know when i will have a shift at the park. So sorry.

    Debra Frischer

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