Have You Seen the Gray Foxes?

If you remember during the pandemic when the Park was closed, staff saw Gray foxes several times roaming through the empty park.

A gray fox stands on sandstone cliff
NPS Photo/P. Geisler

Ranger Julia captured this short video of a Gray fox by the Visitor Center a few weeks ago during closing.

Here is some more information about the Gray Fox available from Zion National Park.

Gray Fox Facts

1. Gray foxes are actually quite common throughout North America. They can also be found in Mexico and South America.

2. In terms of its location, the gray fox has the widest distribution of any wild canid ranging from southern Canada to southern Mexico.

3. The gray fox is named so because of its gray fur, which is often broken up by patches of white, brown, and black fur. They have fewer fur glands than most mammals and have many physical traits that help them remain largely scent-free.

More Gray Fox Facts

It’s been awhile (actually since the pandemic started) since we added one of our word searches for you, so here is one all about the Gray Fox. Enjoy.

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