The VNC Needs Your Help

Your help is needed!  We have had a few people respond saying they want to help but we need more people to help. Please consider sharing your knowledge to help the entire volunteer program. Volunteers-In-Parks (VIPs) are a significant part of park operations. You do what needs to be done, whether in the tidepools, the Visitor Center, the Lighthouse Kitchen Garden, the Entrance Station, as a … Continue reading The VNC Needs Your Help

Draft VIP Five-Year Plan

We’ve been working on developing a vision and strategy for our Volunteer-in-Parks program in the form of a plan that spells out where we would like to see our VIP program go over the next five years. Volunteers are encouraged to review the plan (link below) and are welcome to comment. Please send your feedback and suggestions to Debbie Sherman. Discussion on the draft five-year plan will take … Continue reading Draft VIP Five-Year Plan

December VNC Minutes

Learn what the Volunteer Navigation Committee has been up to by reading this month’s VNC Meeting Minutes. Also, as we bring 2015 to a close, please remember to log your 2015 volunteer hours in Volgistics. It’s terribly important to the Park, as those numbers can be used as justification in funding and grant requests that will support the Park. Thanks much, and have a fantastic … Continue reading December VNC Minutes