That Book by Nabokov

Dear Friends of Good Standing, A lot of activities occurring within the next couple of months; stay alert of our buzzing’s through the VIP Voice and with the Volunteer Navigation Committee (VNC) meetings. See how you can help out, enjoy the park after-hours, and always enjoy the views and cool breeze. Fresh AIR Cabrillo is graced with four new Artists-In-Residence (AIR) for our 2016 centennial … Continue reading That Book by Nabokov

Grand CanTon

Hello All, Blankets of yellow from Encelia californica scatter themselves around the park as well as other such delicate delights. Such a beautiful sight! It appears spring has come early and it’s a pleasure to hunt around SD for the wild flowers. Head to the desert or other such fine places of open spaces and search for the colours and life inspired around them. Also, I … Continue reading Grand CanTon

Appalachian Spring

Good Friends, I hope fall finds you well and you are enjoying the San Diego subtle seasonal transition.  NPS restoration crews are up here this week helping out in the lighthouse, base end station, and statue areas.  Fogginess adds to morning ambiance as we prance around on little cat feet.  There are a lot of autumnal spirited events going on around San Diego.  Go visit old … Continue reading Appalachian Spring

Next Week at Cabrillo; 18-26 October

Next week is another activity-filled week at Cabrillo National Monument. Tomorrow, there’s the Dusty Socks Club walk of the Embarcadero, beginning at 3 PM near The Kiss statue south of the USS Midway and ending at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Tuesday morning, enjoy the flora, fauna, and history of the Bayside Trail with one of our volunteers guiding the walk from 10 AM – noon. … Continue reading Next Week at Cabrillo; 18-26 October

Howe I Love Brandywine


I hope you enjoyed the full moon the other day.  Sunsets are always great to watch but during this time of the year don’t forget to look behind you. With good inversion conditions, Cumulonimbus clouds provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the colors of the back sunset.  The school year is here, lots of little feet will be prancing along.  Thanks for your help and patience!

Continue reading “Howe I Love Brandywine”