People stand in line along a concrete pathway. A white building and the ocean are in the background.

🎂Happy 90th Birthday🎈, Patricia Dudley Goulart, CNM VIP and Lighthouse Brat🎁

By Karen Scanlon Few people living today claim the distinction of being a ‘lighthouse brat’. These are the children of lighthouse keepers. But one such East County resident, and CNM volunteer, Patricia Dudley Goulart, makes this very assertion. Patricia grew up at the lower Point Loma Light Station. Her father, James Eliot Dudley, was assistant keeper at the time of her birth 90 years ago … Continue reading 🎂Happy 90th Birthday🎈, Patricia Dudley Goulart, CNM VIP and Lighthouse Brat🎁

Featured VIP: Bernie C.

A VIP is always prepared to enhance a visitor’s experience at CNM, and Thursday, VIP Bernie C., wowed over 100 CNM visitors during the partial solar eclipse! VIP Bernie shared the use of his 3 x 5 UV solar viewer, purchased previously from the Visitor Center, and over 100 people witnessed the partial eclipse.  They were awed by the opportunity to see this rare event. Who would … Continue reading Featured VIP: Bernie C.

Featured VIP: Ricky P.

Ricky began his Volunteerism at Cabrillo National Monument on June 1, 2014. Ricky is a long time Ocean Beach resident and you can often find him riding his penny-farthing bicycle.  In fact, he even participated in a few of our parades on the bicycle before he actually joined our team! Ricky’s favorite part about volunteering is the people he gets to talk to.  He said, “ … Continue reading Featured VIP: Ricky P.

Featured VIP: Roger C.

Roger began volunteering at Cabrillo National Monument in 2004 after retiring from his career as an east coast college professor.  He found retired life lacked structure and even a bit boring, and he knew that volunteering would bring back some structure and occupy his time. Roger visited the tidepools one day and saw the sign seeking volunteers, so he signed up and started his volunteer … Continue reading Featured VIP: Roger C.

Featured Volunteer: Dan Zeller

February’s Featured Volunteer is Dan Zeller. Dan’s a relative newcomer, starting in May 2013, but since then, he’s jumped into Cabrillo National Monument with both feet. He started in the Visitor Center, learning about all that the park had to offer, and by June, he was being trained on the Lighthouse Information Station. September, was a busy month for Dan doing Community Outreach at the … Continue reading Featured Volunteer: Dan Zeller