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Did You Know – VIP Voice News

Everyone, we are excited that Cabrillo is open again starting today!

There is some news about the VIP Voice website.

First of all you will notice that the annoying ads are now gone.

Second, while this web address will still work, we have a new web address which might be easier to remember. Our new address is:


We will be changing all the current references to the old web address over the next couple of weeks, but we wanted you to be the first to know.

Lastly, the ebinder team is putting the final edits to the latest version and we expect to have that available within a couple of weeks as well. So watch for that announcement.

We will see you up at the park.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know – VIP Voice News

  1. David, you are a really fine VIP. Thank you for your efforts and time. Best, Kim Fahlen

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  2. The VIP Voice has become an critical resource for volunteers and staff alike, you are doing an awesome job. It is so useful and educational. I like the updates you’ve made with the format and URL, thank you!

    And thanks too for the great job of providing an updated ebinder! I know the online version is always up to date, but it’s so fun each year to get the updated downloadable version so I can always have it on my devices. You’ve done an awesome job on this resource as well.

    The park should be proud of both of these, the VIP Voice and the ebinder as they are essential resources for us all.

    Again, thank you!

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