Tidepool Jeopardy

“I’ll take National Parks for $400 Alex”

Answer: “Unusual items found at the tidepools at Cabrillo National Monument”

Question: “What is a 50 pound bag of onions?”

This bag of onions was discovered at the tidepools last Thursday. Someone obviously took a lot of effort to put the onions on top of the boulder at the entrance to the tidepools.

Visitors were asking us the meaning of the bag of onions. We had no answer. One of the new TPERPs wanted to know if this was part of their initiation as a test. We can’t even come up with a good story of how they got there. It was suggested perhaps they fell off a ship, but they weren’t water logged at all, appeared dry and in good condition.

We had a post recently of other unusual things seen at the tidepools. So I guess we can add this to the list. If you have a good story or caption for these photos leave a comment below.

If you want to play the Tidepool Jeopardy game, you can find it here.

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