Tidepool Tips – Change In Scenery

As we officially open our Tidepool season on Friday, TPERPS may notice a difference in the landscape. One of our dangerous rocks that have been precariously hanging at the entrance to the tidepools is now at the bottom of the cliff.

Tidepool rock

After repeated attempts to keep visitors back from the edge, and even having people stand on the rock for selfies, law enforcement decided to use a crow bar and knock the rock loose for everyone’s safety. As we all expected, it broke loose very easily.

Even though the overhanging rock is gone, the bluff is still unstable. You will notice a temporary solution to keep visitors off the ledge. Park management will decide if a permanent solution is needed.

Use caution, as always, when working around the tidepools.

One other note, our Tidepool Conference is scheduled for October 12 and 19. You can sign up in Volgistics. Hope to see you there. Remember being a TPERP doesn’t mean you have to work down in the tidepools. There are also roving shifts as well as working at the Education Table. There are opportunities for everyone.

See you at the tidepools.

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