Pandemic Low Tide

Did you ever wonder what a negative low tide in the tidepools looked liked without visitors?

TPERP Katrina took this photo last Friday during her roving shift at the tidepools. Obviously this was the last day before the park closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As you can see the tidepools are basically void of visitors.

Katrina modified her roving shift to become a droving shift. As she described it:

I was out at Cabrillo today and since I was the only volunteer I did a modified TPERP rove shift…I like to refer to it as a ‘drove’ shift because I drove from parking lot to parking lot and kept an eye on the tide pool area and Coast Trail from certain vantage points. Worked out pretty well! 

While it is disappointing that volunteers, and visitors, can’t enjoy the low tides in the tidepools during this time, it is refreshing to know that the tidepools and critters get a break from all of the human interaction during this time.

Stay healthy everyone. We will see everyone back at the park soon.

One thought on “Pandemic Low Tide

  1. In 2012 there was an essay competition related to CNM for school kids that was judged by some VIPs. One kid had such a funny comment, I’ve kept it noted.
    “Many animals live where the tidepools are located, and they can’t leave, though I’m sure they try.”

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