Just Another Walk (and Drive) in the Park – April 11, 2020

Pauline has once again become our eyes to the park. She took photos on Saturday and has something for everyone in this gallery. She has tidepools, marine mammals, terrestrial mammals, plants, herps, lighthouse, military, birds, insects, flowers, you name it, she grabbed a photo of it.

It is also sad to inform you that the other side of the arch in the tidepools has collapsed, so the arch is now completely gone.

in addition, Ranger Donny captured a couple of photos of the fox (last two in the gallery). According to Donny there are two fox kits.

So the wildlife is certainly enjoying the park without humans around.

We want to thank Pauline for all of these photos and we also want to thank our rangers who are at the park keeping everybody and everything safe. THANK YOU!

Enjoy the virtual walk.

Crashing Waves video

Rain Runoff video

Rain Runoff video

6 thoughts on “Just Another Walk (and Drive) in the Park – April 11, 2020

  1. So nice to see the animals enjoying the Park without us humans bothering them. Thanks so much, Pauline!

  2. What a wonder is CNM! Love the photos. I’m envious of our photographer who gets to be there.

    Wishing you well.

    VIP Kim Fahlen


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