A Walk in the Park – April 8, 2020

Thank goodness we have Pauline’s eyes to help us see the park while it is closed. If you haven’t heard, the park is closed until further notice (no end date). This makes Pauline’s photos even more important for us during these times. Below is a gallery of her photos from April 8. You may have heard that the fox is back in the park but have only seen some photos captured at night. Well now we have proof (unless Pauline used Photoshop) to capture the fox in broad daylight.

Enjoy the Walk in the Park.

4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park – April 8, 2020

  1. Thanks. Hope this last deluge has not created a lot of bluff collapse. Send photos of the deluge affecting the park? Ginny Buerger


    1. I’ll be back out at the park tomorrow and one of the first things I intend on doing is a walk along the Coastal Trail. I’ll definitely provide pictures for all of you to see.

  2. Pauline,
    Great pictures. There is a Cabrillo fox. Made us homesick for the park.
    Ken & Barb

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