Share Your Experiences From Your Corona Island

We hope you are all doing well during this Shelter in place experience. We have seen the wonderful photos that Pauline has shared with us while the park is closed. Now it’s your turn to share. One way we can all stay connected is to share what you have been doing at home during these times. Send us a photo (selfies encouraged) to, and/or tell us what you have been doing. Then we will share that with everyone else. Just another way to help us all get through this. Rangers, staff, former people associated with Cabrillo, basically all readers are encouraged to participate as well. Don’t be shy, everyone can participate.

Practice social distancing and stay healthy everyone.

Answers to Stay At Home Quiz #3 (Review photos with answers)

#1 Sea Dahlia  

#2 Barrel Cactus

#3 Mojave Yucca  

#4 Flat-top Buckwheat

#5 Bush Monkeyflower       

#6  Coastal Paintbrush

#7 Black Sage                 

#8 Bushmallow

#9 Monterey Cypress stump

#10 Nuttal Snapdragon

#11 (A) Dudleya   (B) Coastal Prickly Pear

#12 Goldenbowl Mariposa Lily

#13 Encilia california 

4 thoughts on “Share Your Experiences From Your Corona Island

  1. How thoughtful of you good rangers to keep in touch with us, your VIP crew. Thank you.

    As for maintaining a mental calm through this horrid pandemic, I find that I am working at only about 59%. What is it in us that keeps our productivity diminished during this time? We’re mentally side-tracked by the fear of what could happen to us and what is happening to people we’ll never know. I have enjoyed walking under dramatic skies lately, where storm clouds and sun compete for space. I am thankful for home, a little $$ in the bank, two cats/two dogs, and people like you who will be there when we can finally get back to a semblance of what our normal used to look like. I miss that little ‘house’ on the hill and time with Kim. She won’t get near me. Thankful for internet, cell phones, and a confident sense of an uninterrupted connection of heart and mind to lots of people. To our good health…

  2. Thanks. I would be aided in remembering all these if you could reprint the original photos with the answers beside? Ginny Buerger


  3. Great to hear everyone on the phone hook-up. Sure do miss my park time, so nice to get the wonderful pictures and update on what’s going on. Speaking of Loni’s sharing, I too am spending a lot of time with weeds in the backyard, along with little bugs, stickers , foxtails, worms etc., but mostly enjoy communing with the many ladybugs. I did find out my neighbor bought some not long ago so I guess they aren’t quite home grown, but they are surely welcome in my yard & so cute.
    The ground is really soft for weeding, so my dog, Angel, & I spend a lot of time digging up the dirt. Then the birds & crows sweep in to get the bugs & worms. However, if my little dog sees them she barks & barks & chases them right off. Great entertainment for both of us. Of course I should be cleaning out “stuff” & I did do a bit of shredding on rainy days. And doing this computer training class called Drivesharp to get a discount on my AAA Car insurance. Our Fellowship does a conference call every evening so I was familiar with the *6 & how it works. All in all it hasn’t been bad for me. Neighbors have been really kind. Keeping in touch with friends & relatives.
    Looking forward to seeing all & the critters in the future. Judy

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