Cabrillo Stay at Home Quiz #3

Today’s quiz was created by VIP Jack. It is a flower and plant field trip. As Jack says:

Here are a selection of flowers I have photographed while roving the monument. The challenge is to identify the flower, and the location within the monument where the picture was taken. Some of the pictures go back a couple of years, so the backgrounds may have changed.

See which ones you know. Don’t forget to use the Ebinder for additional help. Answers to this quiz will be posted on Monday. Have fun!

Good luck and have fun!

Answers to Home Quiz #2

  1. This is the electrical box that houses the power and controller connections for the searchlight (#18) that runs on the rails coming out the big shelter that’s on the Bayside Trail.

2. This is the searchlight north of the Tidepools, back in it’s operational days of WWII.  Searchlight #15. Today you can still see the roof along the Coastal Trail. The searchlight is no longer within the shelter. (Thanks to Ken Glaze for this information.)

3. Fort Rosecrans was named after William Starke Rosecrans, a Union general in the American Civil War. There are over 101,000 persons from all service branches buried in the cemetery.

4. Battery Point Loma was along Cabrillo Road on the way to the tidepools. You can see where it is on the Military History Structures Map. Part of it is still visible today as shown in this map view.

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