Tidepool Tips – Case Of The Mysterious Log

Have you noticed the log which is now behind the Education Table at the tidepools? Would you like to know how this mysterious log got there? Well read on to hear from VIP Mona as she describes this story.    I was chatting with three women at the education table when I saw something odd in my peripheral vision. A log was floating through the … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Case Of The Mysterious Log

Tidepool Tips – Owl Limpets Grazing

Following up on last week’s post about the Strength of Limpet Teeth, there is a cool photo in the Owl Limpet section in the ebinder showing the grazing trails of an Owl Limpet. This photo was taken by TPERP Don V. one day shortly after the tide receded. You can see where the grazing trails look like the results from a lawnmower. However, knowing that … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Owl Limpets Grazing

Tidepool Tips – Biting Off More Than He Could Chew?

Last Tuesday TPERP Ken made an interesting discovery in the tidepools. He noticed an anemone consuming an entire lobster. And as you can see the poor anemone next to it was close but just missed. Needless to say it was the favorite attraction for visitors. However, the next day, the lobster was gone. Who knows what happened to the lobster; Did the tides takes it … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Biting Off More Than He Could Chew?

Tidepool Tips – Octopus Mating

Last Saturday Nicole, the Scientific Program Coordinator, took the new TPERPs on a tidepool walk. During that walk, an octopus was nice enough to show itself to the TPERPs. Nicole talked about how the octopus is a solitary animal, which is why you never see more than one in a tank at an aquarium. The subject of how they mate came up (and we leave … Continue reading Tidepool Tips – Octopus Mating