Tidepool Cleanup and Graffiti Removal

A group of TPERPs were spotted in the tidepools early Saturday morning, July 6. They took advantage of an early low tide to cleanup some of the trash in the tidepools. This low tide during the summer allows the volunteers to get to some of that debris that is usually not accessible. They also removed the graffiti found in the area. Thank you to all of them for their commitment to help protect the tidepools.

2 thoughts on “Tidepool Cleanup and Graffiti Removal

  1. Wow, good work, team. Cleaning our beautiful sea coast. Thank you, team. I was busy that day with the other Karyn on the run to Los Angeles as history guides for Trails & Rails. Lots of us contributing to the goodwill of our beloved CNM.

    Love to all. Karen Scanlon

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