Just A Walk In The Park – Literally

On the VIP Conference call today, Pauline, and several other staff, mentioned how wonderful the park looked with flowers blooming, birds chirping, etc. The only things missing were all the people; staff; VIPs, and the public.

Pauline took lots of photos on Wednesday. We thought since you can’t go to the park, we would bring the park to you. Below are the photos that she took. We will present more photos as we get them from staff. In the meantime, enjoy these photos on a walk through the park.

10 thoughts on “Just A Walk In The Park – Literally

  1. Gorgeous pictures. I used to work in the library and I loved being in the library by myself before it was open. Yet without the customers there would be no reason for the library–same with the park. I don’t think the Park misses us yet but we sure miss the Park.

  2. Since I couldn’t join you on the conference call (which was a brilliant idea), I very much enjoyed these photos! Thanks.

  3. An interesting collect of tide pool scenes. It is a far more diverse place than many people realize. I very much miss the conversations with the tide pool folks, and the prospect of getting together sometime soon (hopefully) is something I use for encouragement.

    What animal made those tracks?

    1. Hi Jack … I’m not really sure which of our creatures left their tracks along the trail. My guess is the fox but I could be wrong.

  4. Ah, the photos make us homesick! Great idea to send to us. What beautiful scenery! And it’s ours!
    Just wondering, are those ant hills in that one photo? Yikes!

    1. Hi Kim … yes those are ant hills. The ants have made themselves at home around the trailer.

  5. Thank you so much, Pauline & others involved in sending this! The conference call started a visual running through my head of the park  but this is much better!Patty Fares, lighthouse volunteer & former tidepools

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  6. Thanks for the photos! So bummed that we’re missing the end of tide pool season. Stay healthy everyone. : ) Jackie & Warren

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